servicesFor a limited time one Celebrate All of Us poster will be included with each workshop!

Workshops are:

  • Designed to meet the unique needs of a particular audience;
  • Between one hour and a full day training;
  • Interactive; and
  • Developed within the context of the larger community and each individual’s multiple identities, including but not limited to: race, religion, ability, gender, orientation, ethnicity, etc.

Examples of Workshop Topics
This is a sample of a few of the possible topics to choose from. Workshops may be combined or modified as needed.

  • Queer 101: Learn concrete strategies to create a queer inclusive school and classroom that will benefit all students.
  • Family Advocacy/Activism: Families will learn how their influential role can be used to successfully advocate for queer friendly schools.
  • Bullying & School Climate: Participants will discuss their school’s particular concerns and identify strategies to create a safer, more welcoming school environment.
  • Gender 101:  Learn about the rich topic of gender and gender diversity. Strategies to improve school climate by welcoming all students, including those who don’t conform to traditional gender roles or expectations, will be presented and discussed.
  • Resolving a Specific Concern: Occasionally a school will be confronted with an unexpected situation that impacts the larger community. This workshop will include a facilitated discussion to help participants understand and resolve a specific school, school district, or community concern.

Consulting is available for schools, school districts, organizations, and individuals.

Consulting may include:

  • Developing educational resources
  • Providing workshops/professional development
  • Establishing or supporting the Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Working with the school community to address/resolve a particular concern
  • Supporting the implementation of a new district or state policies
  • A short or long-term agreement
  • Teaching classroom lessons on a variety of topics
  • Collaborating with community based organizations
  • Additional support as needed on a related topic

Classroom lessons are developed to meet your specific learning objectives.

Most lessons include: art or creative writing, individual & group work, literature, and lots of interaction!

Lessons are available for all levels: preschool, elementary, middle and high school.

Examples of Classroom Lesson Themes:

  • Families and Family Structures
  • Orientation
  • Gender
  • Understanding identity lessons inspired by the Celebrate All of Us poster

Fee is determined based on scope of work, preparation time, and travel time.

Email for more information or to set up an initial phone consultation.